At Haus, we love Property and this one just hits the ball out of the park!

Set in its own grounds, this fantastic Victorian Property is a stones throw away from the bustling town centre of Bridgend and just 20 minutes from Cardiff, but doesn't give you that impression with its ample grounds, stunning views and incredible spaces.

With a modern and contemporary kitchen, complete with two ovens and more cupboard space than most homes, this large family home would be the perfect space for Summer barbecues or luxury family Christmas'.

This homes comes complete with all the furnishings you'd expect from this Victorian property but with the modern twist that only a Professional could achieve.

Mixing the old and the new is a tricky one to perfect, however in this instance the owner has got things spot on with the aid of our Haus Team.

A well lit corridor leads you into an incredible seven large rooms on the ground floor alone so its easy to get lost in this spacious property. Who knows what you'd do if you needed your car keys in a hurry! Although buying a second set of car keys is well worth it to get your hands on this luxury space.

This bath really does caption the space. It's luxurious, modern, sophisticated and hints at its origins. But if its a bath you've come for .....

... why not bathe in this incredible loft space. Located just 20 feet from the Master Bed and nestled amongst a walk-in wardrobe that would answer any modern womans (or mans) dreams. I'd imagine a few nights sipping a chilled white wine overlooking the garden from a bath of bubbles would be taking place here!

Then once you've bathed your worries away, you can pop into the Formal Dining room for a few hours of banqueting with friends and loved ones.

Honestly, this house is truly amazing and has something for everyone. I walked in and immediately thought of Christmas. Where the Grandparents would sit with a sherry, where to lock the nieces and nephews away and where to watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special after being filled to the brim with sprouts and the odd pig in a blanket.

Our Team keep this stunning property ready for Guests of up to 20 people and it's now available on AirBnB or to book directly with Us for a longer stay.