We're delighted to add this incredible space to our growing list of Properties. This Penarth property has undergone a recent renovation and extension in order to create a modern, spacious property that can comfortably cater for 8 adults.

Jak Bjornstrom, Interior Designer for Haus was on-hand throughout the handover of the property to add the additional touches that create this fantastic, homely space. Take a look at exactly what the property looks like for yourself by booking a visit or view a summary of the Property below.

How to create a Modern Family home on a Budget:

This home was virtually complete before Jak and his Home Staging wizards arrived and just needed a few changes to create the perfect home for any family.

Take the kitchen, at first the dining table was in the same room as the kitchen leaving no space for the modern family to chat whilst cooking. This meant a quick move of the sofa from the second living room (which was at that point being used as a walk through room to the kitchen) and that room became a dining room which works really well in the space.

Setting the table is a must in a property like this. The look of a beautifully presented table really adds something to the finish of the home and creates a welcoming space for meals as well as conversations. We always suggest it and our Housekeepers always prepare a rented home with a freshly prepared table.

If you'd like to know more about creating that perfect family home, its quick and simple to book a Consultation with our Home Staging Team.