What goes well in a home? What works best in an AirBnB property?

Here's a guide (and some great images) of what works well in a Property:

  • Coffee Maker - How is this not top of your list?
  • Chopping Boards - Everyone needs one and it'll save your worktops
  • Pots and Pans - No matter the size home, you need to cook
  • Cultery, Plates, Glasses & Mugs - Always needed, no matter the size home
  • Soap & Shower Gel - Obviously we'll recommend our own Brand!
  • Netflix - It's a great perk and helps with bookings
  • Local menus - I know we're a Nation of Deliveroo but its always good to have options
  • Bedding - Hotel Quality linen always helps (we can help source it for you)
  • Towels - Always a Bath towel & hand towel per person and a few spare too
  • Tea Towel - Who could forget the tea towel
  • Washing up Liquid - If you forgot a tea towel, you probably forgot this too
  • Coffee, Tea, Sugar - It's always good to be greeted by a coffee

Fancy pushing the boat out? Here's what some people add to their AirBnB's for a few extra brownie points:

  • Wine & Cheese - For that special Saturday night
  • Bread and Butter - It's always better when it's local
  • A free drink at the local Pub - If you get on well with your Local Tavern
  • Fruit - Choose carefully, you don't want anything to spoil (remember that figs aren't vegan too!)
  • Fresh Flowers - Smell and look amazing
  • Books and Board Games - For those rainy days in
  • Basket of Blankets - Because, why not!
  • Welsh Cakes - If you're in Wales of course

Everyone loves a freebie and everyone enjoys being treated a little more special than usual.

For more hints and tips, chat with our Home Staging Team.