This week, I tagged along with our Interior Designer; Jak Bjornstrom and Manager of Hello Ted AirBnB Management; Rebecca James to see this fantastic, quirky home just 10 minutes from Cardiff.

Don't think I'm talking about anyone particular with my labelling of this post, its actually a 'Red Cow Cottage', which was apparently a part of a larger building that was once a Public House for Coal Merchants bringing, well, coal from neighbouring Llantrisant to Cardiff.

I wasn't disappointed when I arrived, as this home was truly something special and a great place to book if you were visiting Cardiff but don't want to be in the City itself.

The space is delightful, spacious but cosy and retains every bit of the charm you'd expect from a Valleys cottage.

I was probably most impressed by how modern the facilities were and how the up-to-date furnishings matched in with older elements of the cottage.

It's traditional in every sense of the word, a steeper than the new-norm staircase with two well maintained bedrooms above, one a little bigger than the other, a generous sized kitchen and bathroom and they've even managed to surprise you with a really well sized dining room. It's perfect for anyone visiting of working in Cardiff or nearby.

The home can easily accommodate 5 people with room to spare. You even get to light your own fire to keep the home just as warm as it looks in the photos.

Our Haus-Keeping Team are keeping this beautiful home looking its best for each Guest booking via the fantastic Team at Hello Ted. For more information on how to book, get in touch today.